Sabrina Parsons

Sabrina Parsons is CEO of Palo Alto Software, developer of the best-selling business planning software, Business Plan Pro. Palo Alto Software developes software and tools specifically targeted for entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Sabrina assumed the CEO role in 2007 and is responsible for Palo Alto's business planning, fiscal and ... Read More

Cheryl Perera

Cheryl Perera is an accomplished children’s rights activist, a captivating speaker and the Founder and President of OneChild, the premiere organization empowering a movement of children and youth taking action against child sex slavery. Cheryl became socially involved at age 16, after reading about the exploitation of children. Eager to ... Read More

Michelle Phillips

From live TV to live events, Michelle Phillips has entertained and inspired millions. A former celebrity make up artist turned TV personality, author, and motivational speaker, she combines her broad range of life experiences and natural warmth for a strength and esteem make-over of the "Mind, Beauty, and Spirit"©. Her ... Read More

Nadja Piatka

Nadja Piatka made a dream come true armed only with an idea. Her tale of taking a company out of her kitchen with a $100 investment and creating a multi-million dollar lowfat food manufacturing company that became an international supplier to Subway and McDonald's was recently highlighted on Oprah. As ... Read More

Dr. Jo Ann Piña

Dr. Jo Ann Piña is one of the most acclaimed experts in cross-cultural communication in the country. She is the only Latina PhD in the National Speakers Association and one of the few women of Hispanic heritage to earn advanced degrees in psychology and counseling. Dr. Jo is the originator ... Read More

Allana Pratt

Sexy Mom Expert and celebrity interviewer Allana Pratt knows that taking care of ourselves isn't a luxury, it's a necessity if we want to be playful with the kids, feel ravishing with our lover and be a heartfelt sister with our girlfriends. Host of the #1 rated Radio Show How ... Read More

Valerie Pringle

Valerie Pringle is one of Canada's best-known and most respected broadcasters. She exudes optimism and professionalism and is known for her ability to put people at ease. She was selected as one of the Fifty Famous Faces of Fifty Years of Canadian Television by the Banff Television Foundation. Valerie has ... Read More