Sonia Nazario

PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING JOURNALIST; BEST-SELLING AUTHOR; IMMIGRATION EXPERT & COMMENTATOR Sonia Nazario has spent 20 years reporting and writing about social issues, most recently as a projects reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Her stories have tackled some of this country's most intractable problems: hunger, drug addiction, and immigration. To date, she is ... Read More

Toni Newman

Five-time award winning business owner Toni Newman is passionate about how strategic innovation can help organizations can differentiate themselves from the competition in order to attract, keep and engage more customers more often. A highly sought after international business speaker and Innovation Catalyst, Toni has the uncanny ability to help her ... Read More

Dr. Samantha Nutt

Dr. Samantha Nutt, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, LL is committed to peace, human rights and social justice. Her ambition has always been to help war-affected women and children. Sam's activities range from providing direct humanitarian support and long term programming to war-affected children and their families, to promoting greater awareness ... Read More