Meredith Fineman

COMMUNICATIONS ENTREPRENEUR; SELF-MARKETING & BRANDING EXPERT; FOUNDER OF FINEPOINT DIGITAL PUBLIC RELATIONS Meredith Fineman is the founder and principal of FinePoint Digital PR. FinePoint was founded in 2011 to modernize the field of public relations, incorporating the increasing need for digital strategy as part of publicity. FinePoint specializes in PR strategy ... Read More

Jana Flaig

Jana has always managed to glean a measure of humor from life's experiences, whether it be when she was a TV news reporter in L.A., college professor, media trainer, or high school ‘principal for a day'. She shares her gift of encouragement wrapped in humor. As a cancer survivor, Jana speaks ... Read More

Maggie Fox

Maggie Fox is the Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing at SAP, responsible for delivering a unified digital experience to SAP customers and the market. Prior to joining SAP, Fox was founder and CEO of Social Media Group, established in 2006 and one of the world's most highly respected independent ... Read More

Olivia Fox Cabane

A recognized expert in the fields of trust, influence and persuasion, Olivia Fox Cabane gives people the skills and the self-confidence that lead to outstanding performance. Based on thorough behavioral science research, Olivia's charismatic presentations contain useful tools and techniques she originally developed for Harvard and MIT. Her talks are ... Read More

Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis is driven by a passion for people—motivating them to reach for the highest standards of success. For over 15 years, she has studied the business habits of the top 20% of sales performers in organizations of all sizes and shapes-from Fortune 500 companies, to small- and medium—sized businesses ... Read More

Lois Frankel, Ph.D.

Dr. Lois P. Frankel is a sought after public speaker and an internationally recognized expert in the field of work place behavior. For over 20 years Lois has traveled around the globe helping organizations achieve their business goals by maximizing use of their human capital. She wrote the book, Nice ... Read More

Donna Freitas

SOCIOLOGY & RELIGIOUS STUDIES SCHOLAR; SEX, SPIRITUALITY & MILLENNIAL EXPERT; SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCHER Donna Freitas is a sociology and religious studies scholar whose research has led her across the United States, speaking to college students about their attitudes toward religion and spirituality, and especially what they think about sex and hookup ... Read More